Looking for photos of our quirky offices? Hoping to come play on our foosball table? Want to see all the funky art on our walls? Sorry, we’re a virtual agency, which means there’s none of that. But, what we do have are the people who have worked in those quirky offices and love playing foosball. And it’s our people that will elevate your marketing to a higher level, not the offices. Besides, you probably already have a fancy, conference room. Why would you want to pay for ours?


Our Philosophy

HIERintelligence means doing advertising different and getting results. It means creating work that is just as smart as it is creative. It means elevating your story through solid strategic planning and shaping it into intelligent, unexpected communications. Then, telling that story to the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Our goal is to always make your customers feel you respect them. Why, because they deserve respect. They deserve a higher level of messaging that treats them like knowledgeable consumers. That’s “HIERintelligence”.

Our Advantage

But, you can’t create a higher level of advertising without a higher level of thinking. As a virtual agency, we keep our overhead down by drawing from a talented pool of intelligent, motivated people who love solving problems and who have the big agency experience it takes to do it.
That means you only pay for those people when you need them. So you get big agency results for often half the cost. After all, there’s nothing intelligent about paying for fancy offices and lots of people you aren’t really using.

What we do

Marketing Strategy

We immerse ourselves in the lives of your brand’s potential users, uncovering their motivations and needs. Armed with these game-changing insights, they shape strategies with the power to radically shift behavior. Our strategic services include:

  • Brand and identity planning
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Innovation workshops
  • Communications planning
  • Search engine marketing strategy (SEO & SEM)
  • User research
  • Focus groups and surveys
  • Customer journey development
  • Competitive audit
  • Content strategy


Introducing a brand in a crowded marketplace requires making some noise. But building a brand in the hearts and minds of your consumers often requires more finesse. By listening closely, we will find out what makes your customers tick, so you can gain their trust – and their brand loyalty.

Media Planning

How and when you spend your media dollars is as important as where you spend them. Thanks to a cluttered media landscape, planning and buying is more exciting – and requires more skill – than ever. We’ll put our strategic and innovative thinking to work for the best possible return on your investments.

New Media & Creative

As artists, we enjoy sculpting new ideas for our clients. Which comes in handy when you need creative that can cut through the over-messaging and over-crowding of today’s marketing channels. Find out how we create emotional and memorable experiences for consumers both online and on the streets.

Video Marketing

The power to captivate in ways that other mediums cannot. From product launch, corporate communications, brand mission films and television commercials for both on and off line. We create videos that communicate powerful, compelling messages.


The ability to stand out and be recognized. Raise awareness. Spread your message. Print. Outdoor. Digital media. Uniquely presented. We elevate your brand in the marketplace.

Social Media

Social media has never been more important. We help you establish your brand’s social presence to build active and lasting relationships with your customers. Social strategies that resonate. Content that adds value. Messaging that drives engagement.

Website Design & Interactive

Leveraging new media doesn’t have to be a mystery. We’ll show you how to use digital that speaks to your brand. We design SEO optimized websites, touchscreen applications and e-mail marketing campaigns that attract, engage and communicate with your audience.

Mobile Apps

They may be a mystery to you, but not to us. We design mobile apps that make important tasks easy for B2B and B2C users everyday. Apps that entertain, facilitate, educate and communicate.


We’ll take your external communications to a higher level by communicating your point of difference in ways that leave a lasting impression on your customers. Whether it’s brochures, catalogs, or direct mail pieces, we’re ready to help you tell your story.


Clear, crisp design is the hallmark of HIERintelligence. Look to us raise the standards of your corporate identity including: Logo Design & Usage Guidelines, Letterhead, Posters, Brochures, Point of Sale, Catalogs, Sell Sheets, Folders, Packaging Design, Environmental Banners and Trade Show Booth Design.

Internal Communications

Your internal audience can often be even more important than your external audience. We can help you develop strategies and materials to inform and motivate your employees and ultimately increase sales.

Who we are