We are a full-service marketing agency in St. Louis, Missouri delivering traditional & digital solutions that will elevate your marketing and take your sales to new heights.

We embrace the OLD and strategically use it to leverage the NEW, providing greater lift to your marketing.

Who We Work With


HIERintelligence means doing advertising different and getting results. It means creating work that is just as smart as it is creative. It means elevating your story through solid strategic planning and shaping it into intelligent, unexpected communications. Then, telling that story to the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Our goal is to always make your customers feel you respect them. Why, because they deserve respect. They deserve a higher level of messaging that treats them like knowledgeable consumers. That’s “HIERintelligence”.


  • HIERintelligence was asked to create a marketing piece which best describes the mission of CBC. Their final product was outstanding. They diligently worked with our staff over a period of months to design a creative campaign, which everyone praises. The end result was complete satisfaction.

    Michael Jordan, President, CBC High School
  • HIERintelligence has done great work for me on advertising campaigns, direct mail pieces, brochures, video scripts/concepts, email campaigns, websites, presentations and much more. They are easy to work with, very creative and produce great results. I highly recommend HIERintelligence for any marketing communications, branding or advertising project.

    Jeanne Fernandez, Brand Manager, Dot Foods
  • HIERintelligence delivers very effective work. They created all of the marketing pieces we used at PractiCal – from custom brochures, marketing and support materials. I enjoyed working with HIERintelligence. They were always very accessible and responsive to my design requests.

    Cindy Berner, Manager, PractiCal Lifestyle Plan